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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Coalition for the Fair Sentencing of Children Submission to the American Bar Association's Juvenile Justice Committee's Town Hall Meeting

Click here to view a submission by The Coalition for the Fair Sentencing of Children to the American Bar Association's Juvenile Justice Committee's Town Hall Meeting, November 6, 2008. A photograph of Efren is featured on the first page of the document.

The Coalition includes a list of all the following organizations that are calling on Congress and President-Elect Barack Obama to abolish juvenile life without parole sentences in the USA:

Children’s Advocacy Clinic, Children in Prison Project, Florida State University College of Law
Children’s Law Center, Massachusetts
Citizens for Juvenile Justice, Massachusetts
Columbia Legal Services, on behalf of clients, Seattle, Washington 
DLA Piper, LLP
Bernardine Dohrn, Director, Children & Family Justice Center, Northwestern University School of Law
Family and Friends of Inmates, Omaha, Nebraska
Shaena Fazal, Director, Long‐Term Prisoner Policy Project, John Howard Association of Illinois
Brian J. Foley, Visiting Associate Professor of Law, Boston University School of Law
Human Rights Advocates, California
Human Rights Watch, New York
Individual parents, relatives, or friends of youth serving JLWOP sentences throughout the United States
Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana
Juvenile Law Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Michelle Leighton, Director Human Rights Programs, University of San Francisco School of Law
NAACP, Legal Defense Fund, New York
National Center for Youth Law, Oakland, California
National Juvenile Justice Network, Washington, D.C.
Penal Reform International, Washington, D.C.
Pendulum Foundation, Colorado
The Sentencing Project, Washington, D.C.
Jeffrey Shook, Assistant Professor of Social Work and Law, University of Pittsburgh
Randolph N. Stone, Clinical Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School
Rev. Bonnie Young, Kings Crossing Foundation, Colorado
Youth Advocacy Project, Massachusetts Committee for Public Counsel Services 
Youth Justice Coalition, Los Angeles