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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Man Is Born; Poem by Rosh Holmes

This poem is dedicated to Efren Paredes, Jr. I wish him all the very best as he earnestly works to effectuate justice in the face of strong opposition. Please stand by Efren, his family and supporters, and voice strong opposition against the terrible injustice that has robbed him of freedom for more than half of his life. —Rosh Holmes

A Man Is Born
by Rosh Holmes

A man is born when a child is faced,
With grave and frightful scares.
When a child is placed within such states,
As waste and sheer despair.

A man is born when a son's bright glow,
Is hidden by the clouds.
When earthquakes shake,
Through thunder's hate,
And the son is left to fate.

A man is born in adolescent years,
When betrayal dries his tears.
When a boy is cast amongst the wolves,
And raised by scorn and jeers.

I'll tell you when a man is born,
Grant me an open ear.
When a child is left to strange device,
Abandoned by his peers.

A man is born from juveniles,
Thrown in the depths of hell.
Systems devoid compassion's touch,
And dank, walled prison cells.

Some men are born before their time,
Conceived by blinding pain.
Still some are born when left to drown,
In pools of the insane.

Some men are born by a kiss of rage,
When tossed into a cage.
Others are born through fog and haze,
Brought on by Prison Daze.

I'll tell you when some men are born,
Grant me another ear.
A man is born from cries for right,
Made where none are to hear.

I bless you with these truthful verse,
These words we all should mourn,
When a son's bright light is stifled and,
A man is born.